Monday, June 9, 2014

Pringles Can Windsock

A pringles can Windsock is a perfect Spring or Summer craft and its super easy.

Supplies needed:

Pringles Can
Tissue Paper (I have the precut squares)
Modge Podge (Waterproof is best)
Hole Puncher
Jute Twine

1. Apply Modge Podge to pringles can and put various colors of tissue paper on. Keep adding modge podge and tissue paper till its completely covered.
2. Make two holes near the bottom of can , pull jute through the holes and knot (For hanging)
3. Punch several holes around the edge of the pringles lid.
4. Cut several long lengths of ribbons in various colors.
5. Thread the ribbons up through the holes in the lid and knot them on the inside of lid to secure them and put the lid back on the can.

Now your ready to hang your Windsock!